After a long day at work, the last thing you want to do when you get home is head into the kitchen to prepare your family’s evening meal. With Company’s Coming’s latest cookbook, Slow Cooker Favourites, you won’t have to. Your meal will be ready for the table by the time you walk through the front door.
For this new collection, we’ve scoured our recipe library and handpicked 75 of our most popular slow cooker recipes, from appetizers to mains to desserts, and gathered them together into one handy volume.
Whether you are looking for a rich, cheesy dip to serve at an office potluck, a spicy bean dish for family taco night or a luscious chocolate cake to tame your sweet tooth, we’ve got you covered. This collection also boasts full-colour photos of each recipe, and we’ve scattered helpful tips throughout to make your meal prep as quick and easy as possible.